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Layne Redmond (1952-2013) Composer, Drummer, Author, Filmmaker, Educator


According to early yogic teachings, your breath is a direct means of unifying and purifying your consciousness. On Chakra Breathing Meditations, world-acclaimed frame drummer Layne Redmond shows you how to tap into this ancient technology through simple breathing practices, combined with movement and syncopated music.

Guiding you through all seven chakras (the energy centers of your body),

Chakra Breathing Meditations includes:

*   Yogic breathing to achieve an expanded state of awareness

*   Seated meditations to activate each of the seven chakras

*   Standing meditation with full yogic breath

  1. *  A walking and breathing meditation accompanied by spirited drums and music.

Your breathing reflects your state of mind: if your breathing is shallow and irregular, your mind is distracted and less concentrated; when your breathing becomes deep and calm, your mind becomes clear and calm. Now, with Chakra Breathing Meditations, you have a revitalizing new home-practice program to quiet your mind and energize your body.

Music by Layne Redmond and Tommy Be. With frame drums, Tibetan singing bowl, hand struck bells and chimes, and tamboura.

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