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Layne Redmond (1952-2013) Composer, Drummer, Author, Filmmaker, Educator


Trance Union

World Rhythms of

Resurrection, Ecstasy and Bliss

Each of the rhythms on this recording evolved out of the unique sound of the frame drum. The frame drum is the world’s oldest known drum and for thousands of years was the primary trance inducing technology for religious and ecstatic  rituals. It is the oldest spiritual means for directly synchronizing the mind/body for accessing higher levels of awareness.

Winner of Drum! Magazine 2002 Reader's Poll:

      Percussion Album of the Year:

Trance Union, Layne Redmond & Tommy Be

Winner of DRUM! Magazine's 2003 Reader's poll:

(2nd Year in a Row!)

   Best Percussion Recording:

   Trance Union, Layne Redmond & Tommy Be

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The Duo of TranceTrance_Union_files/Dance%20with%20the%20duo%20of%20Trance-%20Drum%21_1.pdf

Percussive Notes, June 2000

“Trance Union features Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes performing on a variety of percussion instruments with frame drum being the centerpiece instrument. All selections on the recording were composed, arranged and produced by Redmond and Brunjes.

The seven tracks are "Tenfold," "Seeds of Fire," "Bumba Meu Boi" "Morrocan Moon," "Tumbao," "Seven Sent" an "Translucent Path."  Instruments utilized on the recording include tar, Tibetan bowls, doumbek, shakers, Balinese cymbals, windwand, conga, Indian bells, matracas, Indian elephant bell, bendirs, Lotus Tamborine, whirling tubes, pandeiro, small Nepalese barrel drum, djembe, berimbau, kanjira, maracas, jingle ring, cicada metal rattle, finger cymbals, vibratone, string bells and bodhran.  The mix of all these instruments is excellent -- clear but resonant.

The subtitle of the recordings is "World Rhythms of Resurrection, Ecstasy and Bliss," which definitely reflects the emotions and feelings one goes through when listening.  Simply put, it makes the listener feel good.”

Lisa Rogers

NEW AGE VOICE,  April 2001

“On their first recording for their artist-owned label, frame drum virtuosi Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes provide a straightforward showcase of their trancy, hypnotic musicianship.  This is lean, muscular playing, percussion that throbs and whirls like a belly dancer in ecstasy.  Stylistically, the artists are continuing their project of creating a truly new language for hand drums, drawing on various world instruments (and styles) to give birth to a modern, "American" school of drumming.  One important element for this, like all of Layne's previous recordings, is the listener's own consciousness -- for this is music meant not merely to entertain, but to transform, exploiting the drum's mind-altering abilities to invoke a sacred energy of heightened awareness.”      Carl McColmen

“The follow-up to "Roots Awakening" is a drumfest of tuned frame drums and other percussion instruments, offering a lyrical, healing exploration of rhythm.  Utterly fantastic CD.”     Llyod Barde, owner Backroads Music

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