Frame Drum Intensive MP4 #1



Frame Drum Intensive Study Series DVDs # 1-6
Beginning to Intermediate Level
Instructional DVD and Booklet With Layne Redmond
Includes 8 hours of instruction

Middle Eastern style tambourine, tar and knee position styles of frame drumming are covered on each DVD in this series, including techniques from the Middle East, Azerbaijan, North Africa and India.

This DVD series is the video accompaniment for the 6 CD set: Frame Drum Intensive Study Series 1-6 (formerly called, Giving Birth To Ourselves), a 6 month study series created by Layne Redmond. Click the link below (Frame Drum Intensive Study Series) to purchase all 6 CDs as downloads at Although it is highly recommended to study both the DVD and the CD, it is possible to complete the program using only the DVD. The material covered in this series is progressive. It will be most productive to practice and accomplish each DVD’s material before going on to the next DVD.

For beginners wishing to purchase drums for practicing with this instructional DVD set:

Layne recommends the Lotus Tambourine since it is the lightest and easiest of her tambourines to start with. For standing position Tar, the inexpensive 14″ Remo Frame Drum is recommended since it is the lightest of the available drums. This drum can be used for sitting position as well. However, the 16″ Fixed Skyndeep Snake Skin head or the TAR 18″ Fixed Skyndeep Goat Brown head are better drums and would also be good choices for sitting position.

For a complete, immersive experience, consider also the downloadable CDs to accompany the DVDs:

Frame Drum Intensive 6 CD Set

The notes for each of the DVDs are in PDF format on the DVD itself. If you are having trouble viewing them, please follow these steps:

To access the .pdf file, navigate of out your media player (quit the DVD player on your computer) and click on the dvd-disc icon on your computer desktop.  When the contents window opens. click on the PDF icon and the file will open as a text document which can be printed.

Please note: **This DVD is formatted to play on DVD players in all Regions (NTSC format). It should be fine playing on your computer in countries outside of the US.

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